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About the gravity of Right Action

About the gravity of Right Action

When ignorance disappears, Right Action happens like the law of gravity.

Right Action must fall like lightning, like a hammer, like an anvil dropped from a cliff to the bottom of the sea. That's how unstoppable it must be. This is how the light of the sun falls. It falls in all directions. It is how liberated consciousness falls. It falls on all beings. Because the Truth of Luminosity does not play games, it instantly sacrifices and purifies every inch of sky, sea, and land. It has this capacity because the freedom of Luminous Truth is so natural, authentic, and decisive. Like the weight of iron. As sunlight falls, so must Right Action.

And once it falls, it doesn't leave the ground. This is how the mindfulness of the awakened ones is. It stays firm on the Earth thanks to its natural devotion. This is how the warrior and his training are. He remains attached to it thanks to the gravity the training exerts on him.

And this gravity is nothing other than the force that arises due to the freedom from the blindness that the heart suffered. When wisdom dawns, passion for the Great Work appears like nuclear energy, like the power of a thousand stars.

At first, liberated practitioners are attracted to Right Action, like metal is attracted to a magnet. Their actions happen without departing from the path of goodwill. And if something leads them astray, they return to righteousness like water falling from the sky into the ocean. In the long run, they become like black holes in the cosmos that don’t let any opportunity to transform lead into gold escape.

They become physical and non-physical law. They become inexorable Dharma.

There is no effort in their Right Effort because after verifying that nothing is self, that nothing is nothing, all redundancy disappears like ashes in the wind. Right Effort happens as a flow of magma, as a rotation and translation movement, as the descent of an angel that decides to fall from grace, and as a tornado that touches the ground.

The ordinary goal is to move from harmful action to right action. The extraordinary goal is to move from mundane right action to noble and liberated Right Action. From discipline out of obligation to discipline out of pleasure. From imposed duty to spontaneous duty.

The goal is to become the goal on the journey to the goal. 

To take that leap, just realize what is always effortless at this moment and surrender fully.

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