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I have issues with gravity vs. electromagnetism which I can't ignore, but I know what you're saying, so will keep my head in apart from that caveat... which is brought up only because in seeking Thunderbolts Project on Substack I found you instead, and I'm jolly pleased I did...

Happy New Year!

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I sense writings about the gravity of anything can be very usefully transmitted wisdom for some, and disastrous misguidance for others. Do you agree?

Tradition reports that the Buddha only taught/transmitted orally, adjusting his words and expressions by what he saw, and never wrote for those he would never meet. This was the gravity of his Right Action.

Maybe social media can ameliorate the weakness of writing in its possibility of interaction. We can move from preservation of truth in statement of belief, to discovery of truth by interacting over a long period with those we suspect we can learn from. But writings out there in space without spaces for guidance, given or received? Surely online makes this worse too.


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